What's In Our Bag?

With expertise in marketing and events production, the consultants at Flavour Strategy serve a range of businesses that are interested in greater growth and success. While we serve many industries, we specialize in restaurants and packaged foods companies who want to enhance their foot traffic and expand their loyal client base.

Tess Hartwell- Director

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in food and marketing, Tess Hartwell has a highly specialized knowledge of food trends, gaining significant global knowledge as a culturally adventurous traveler. Her experience at culinary school in the early 90’s, a tumultuous period for food trends in the US, helped her gain an appreciation for time-honored tradition weighed against the public clamor for the new and interesting. Tess offers a trained, critical eye for details of restaurant orchestration, and mindfulness of local traditions and palettes.

Tess Hartwell built her capabilities in design, PR, and business management working for industry giants such as Unilever, Sara Lee, Universal, and Warner Brothers Records. Falling organically into food styling, she honed her expertise with California Raisin, Idaho Potato Commission, and a range of home-grown brands. Located in the Boston Metro area, she is a member of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and the James Beard Foundation, and actively volunteers with local organizations such as WGBH, the Greater Boston Food Bank, Rosie’s Kitchen and the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.


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